Does it matter how many life insurance companies you get rates from?

Answer On One Hand: Familiar Companies Are GoodIf you have an insurance company you already do business with, or know of one you already trust, then peace of mind may be more important to you than the pri... Read More »

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How many life insurance companies are there in the United States?

While the exact number of life insurance companies is not known, one source of business information,, provides 9,559 profiles under U.S. life insurance companies and lists the top 19.Sour... Read More »

Does anyone know of any mainstream life insurance companies in CANADA?

There is Manulife, AIG.and all Canadian Banks offer insurance as well.Also, Sun Life,Royal Assurance well as the Canada Protection Plan or CPP as it is called.I also suggest you look up Canad... Read More »

What does true group mean in the life insurance companies?

According to a writer at All Business, a true group plan is a corporate life insurance plan in which all employees of a business are accepted into the plan regardless of their physical condition. T... Read More »

Are life insurance companies regulated?

Life insurance companies are not regulated in the way that securities companies are, but individual states must grant permission for a company to sell life insurance. State insurance divisions also... Read More »