Does it make you mad that pharmaceutical manufacturers are killing us?

Answer I've maintained that Big Pharma does not want anyone to get better. There is no profit in it. And with the FDA overseeing just what its name says its a little bit too close to one sleeping with the... Read More »

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If the national speed limit is 70mph, then why dont car manufacturers make them so they carnt go above that?

British drivers drive elsewhere too - In Ireland the top limit is 75mph, on the continent it can be as high as 80mph and on some German roads there's no limit.

Could you name Headphone manufacturers that start with 'a'?

the safest type is the white ones that come with the ipod touch or if you didnt get the head phones you can always go and get some wherever you got your ipod from!

Are there any major digital camera manufacturers that sell left-handed cameras?

All cameras can be used with the left hand. The only problem is that the subject will always be you.SEARCH and you shall see.… Read More »

What is the documentation that specifies which computer manufacturers and models Linux has been successfully?

Linux Hardware Compatibility List