Does it make damage to "sleep" my computer for many times?

Answer Hi..No it will not damage your computer..." But " files that are in use "can't always" be updated / changed until a controlled shut down and re-start is performed ....If you are constantly just ... Read More »

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How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?

How to make my computer go to sleep?

Right click and go to properties go to screen saver and click on Monitor Power.. click the power button then go over to advanced and you can change your power button to change to sleep and ect. It... Read More »

Need help to make my computer STOP going to sleep?

no it's not going to sleep what's happening is the computer is set to turn off the monitor after a given timeif you want the monitor to stay on go into the control panel and double click on power o... Read More »

How many times do you have to drop your phone before it takes damage?

Thats really impossible to say. There is no set number. It really depends on the brand of phone, how hard you drop it, what it hits, how it falls...nobody knows for certain. Someone might drop a br... Read More »