Does it make a difference whether you make pasta with hot or cold water?

Answer yes. putting pasta into cold water to bring it to a boil will result in a gluey pod of pasta. Bring lots of water to a rolling boil, so that all of the individual pasta is surrounded by hot water... Read More »

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How to do i make cold water warm?

Ok1. Put cold water in kettle.2. turn on kettle3. wait for it to finish4. put cold water so th temprature is even. (watch out its hot)5. its warm not drink it before it gets cold...

What causes the cold water pipes in your house to make a constant banging sound it seems to be coming from the main water valve in the front of the house?

Most of the time its caused by lose pipe supports and no expansion tank or air chamber. Most fast closing solenoid valves will be the start of the problem. Copper pipes are usually the loudest and ... Read More »

Why does peppermint make water feel cold in your mouth?

Peppermints and other type of minty things contain menthol. Menthol, also known as Menthomenthol or peppermint camphor, is a chemical capable of tricking your senses into thinking the temperature h... Read More »

Does washing jeans in cold water make them stretch?

Yes, washing jeans in cold water allows them to be stretched. Unlike hot water, cold water keeps jeans from shrinking. You can also spritz jeans with cold water and stretch them.Source:Made Man: Ho... Read More »