Does it looks like i have man boobs or ****** **** or whatever you want to call it?

Answer Yup, you've got man boobs bigger than most women I know.

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Do you want to see what a pound of fat looks like?

I've actually been looking for something like that for a while, as I'm trying to visually guage what difference in volume a pound lost would make. As disgusting as it is to see that, I appreciate... Read More »

Im 13 and i want boobs. im absolutely flat . how do i grow boobs!?

Why do they call it cattails, when it looks more like a hot dog on a stick?

cattail name come from the american indian language when translated to englishwhen the cattail bushes (seeds) out in the fall it looks like a frightened cat's tail

How much does this girl weight *about* (pictures) don't call me a pervert. i want to look like that. o_o?

Does that girl know you are putting her pictures up. Weight is relative to height.