Does it list incoming calls and phone numbers on your land line phone bill?

Answer No not in the UK or the USA - cannot comment on others.A call generated will show on CLID - Calling line ID unless you have CLIR - Calling line ID Restriction - This can be set to permanent or to a... Read More »

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Is there a way to get a list of my incoming calls from today on my landline phone?

yes, but you have to get it from your phone provider!!! I have a call-log....incoming and out-going phone calls...I can get on-line and see it!!!

Why my new land line phone won't make outgoing calls?

Old phones used Pulse Dialling and modern ones use the digital tones. Phones have more than more option to choose from depending on the type of line you have from your Service Provider. On the the ... Read More »

Land-line telephone device to stop incoming calls...?

Yes.. I use a Digitone Call Blocker. It will block any private or anonymous calls, and any you don't want calling you. It will also block area codes, prefixes, then the phone will not even ring. It... Read More »

How can I block unwanted automated calls on my land line phone?

If you know the number, then you can call your phone company and block the number from calling you.However, it is almost impossible to prevent all the calls from coming in, its just so easy to get ... Read More »