Does it itch when you shave "down there"?


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When I shave " down there " I get really nasty red bumps. How can I not get those?

Make sure you use a brand new or at least very sharp razor each time you shave there, and make sure to use a good moisturizing cream, and not just soap. Start by shaving in the direction of the hai... Read More »

To shave or not to shave down there?

Honestly? For a minute forget about what the guys like and consider yourself. You're more important after all!Anyway, to answer your question, I say trimming it is the best option. Why? Because sha... Read More »

Why do i itch so much "down there"..?

Do have have white clumpy discharge? If so, yeast infection.

OMG help! i itch SO bad down there!?

I'm pretty sure you have a yeast infection. Those itch like crazy...and any guy who laughs about it, sayin' crap like "scratch it" or "gross", I hope they get on on their dick, cuz they won't be ... Read More »