Does it hurts when plastering a finger fracture?

Answer not much

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Does finger sex hurts?

not at all! it's uncomfortable the first several times it happens, but after you're body gets used to it it feels amazing!

My heel hurts really bad. is it broken or something like a stress fracture?

Hello,First of all I am sorry that you have this pain/soreness, it must be frustrating.There are many factors for foot pain, the most common one is bad footwear and a combination of specific foot b... Read More »

My stomach hurts when i dont eat, but it hurts even more when i do ?

Sounds like a classic case of an OVERACID tummy. Quick, chew a couple of Tums antiacid tablets. If not at hand use the 1920s trick ofputting a pinch of Soda (bicarb) on your tongue and washing it d... Read More »


It could be arthritis or an inflamed knuckle which are similar if it keeps bothering you get it check out.