Does it hurt your credit to open up a new card&transfer a balance to a lower rate?

Answer It can sometimes be in your best financial interests to transfer a current credit card balance to a new credit card to take advantage of introductory interest rates. Opening a new account, however,... Read More »

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How do I ask for a lower interest rate on my credit card? reports that in 2009, consumers paid 13.9 percent of their disposable income to service credit card debt. Consumers are now exploring ways to get the most out of the income they do r... Read More »

How Can I Get My Bank to Lower the Interest Rate on My Credit Card?

Credit card companies will accept requests for lower interest rates over the telephone or by mail. However, making the request is just the first step. To be approved for a lower rate, you may have ... Read More »

Will a credit card company lower one's interest rate?

Credit card companies do lower interest rates, but usually only if you call in and ask for them to do so. This is especially true if you're a good customer, because the credit card company doesn't ... Read More »

How to Get a Lower Interest Rate With a Great Credit Rating?

A good credit rating is not always easy to maintain, but working to maintain and improve your credit score has its perks. A person with a good credit score--from 780 to 850, the highest ranking on ... Read More »