Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled?

Answer Yes of course it does. LOL and It seems to me the hardest part, the true hurting, is after it is gone, the healing, especially if it is a molar, or a wisdom tooth. If you are really afraid of ... Read More »

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Does it hurt when you get a tooth pulled out ?

You will feel a sting when he injects the numbing agent in to your gum but until that wears off... You won't feel ANYTHING...Depending on what tooth is being removed, you will feel the "Thump" as s... Read More »

Does having a tooth pulled out hurt? mom's a dentist and I believe having a teeth pulled out does hurt. In my opinion only..harhar. Because it has nerves that when moved..then it's called stimulus. Automatically, you're brai... Read More »

Please anser: how much does it hurt to get a tooth pulled(see details)?

It really isn't bad at all. I've had a few teeth pulled and ALL of my wisdom teeth surgically removed. The pain shot is just a little sting and you don't feel the rest. I wouldn't worry about it. I... Read More »

I just got an infected tooth pulled. Will it hurt after the numbniess goes away n when can i go to sleep?

Yes, it will hurt for the next few days but the pain will start to subside after a day or so. The doctor should have prescribed pain relievers, or told you what over-the-counter pain relievers you... Read More »