Does it hurt when u have sex for the first time?

Answer ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! Or are you just trying to funny? Is that where the 'LOL" part comes in? Because if it is true and you think it is funny, it is NOT! Your only 12. You should not even be allowed t... Read More »

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Did it hurt anyone the first time they had sex Because I am scared its going to hurt?

yes it will hurt, but it gets better the more you do it. and since you've been with him for 3 years im not going to give you the whole lecture about making sure he's the right guy; but just make su... Read More »

Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Does sex hurt a lot the first time?

Im not gonna lie, the first time i had it, it was painful. but it only hurts for a second or two then your fine for the rest of your life of fun woooh =] just make sure he is gentle, you are well l... Read More »

Does the first time hurt?

It depends on your pain tolerance and if you have any other experience.For most women, it is at least uncomfortable.