Does it hurt when the dentist numbs you for a cavity?

Answer The needle actually goes into your cheek, but its fine. It hurts for a second, you feel them sticking it in, but its WAY better than going without freezing.

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Why did cavity bleed when getting it filled Is dentist trying to scam me?

No, he is not trying to scam you. Most likely what happened is like you said you have a really deep cavity. When he was removing the decay he reached the pulp of your tooth ( because the decay we... Read More »

Does it hurt when a dentist inserts a needle into your gums to numb it?

It hurts like a 3 or 4 out of 10. It just feels like a little pinch on your gums, but it doesn't hurt so bad don't worry :)

Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?

When the dentist puts on your braces, will they hurt?

Usually the orthodontist puts them in though.., but anyway, usually putting them on isn't what hurts, it's the days after that REALLY HURT, I mean you can't eat anything remotely hard unless you wa... Read More »