Does it hurt when a girl has sex the first time, in a rate from 1 to 10.?

Answer im a mom and that was a very long time ago my wedding nite ,but i would say heck yes! and dont do anything until you say I do at the alter dear ! Once youve done it ,you can't get it back.YOure not... Read More »

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Did it hurt anyone the first time they had sex Because I am scared its going to hurt?

yes it will hurt, but it gets better the more you do it. and since you've been with him for 3 years im not going to give you the whole lecture about making sure he's the right guy; but just make su... Read More »

Why do my pasta hurt when l drink water,warm coffee every time l eat something of drink they hurt?

Does it hurt your credit to open up a new card&transfer a balance to a lower rate?

It can sometimes be in your best financial interests to transfer a current credit card balance to a new credit card to take advantage of introductory interest rates. Opening a new account, however,... Read More »

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Natural beauty. Best feature: lips.Definitely attractive enough to gain relationships when looks used in combination with personality and other characteristics. Many important people will want to m... Read More »