Does it hurt when a dentist inserts a needle into your gums to numb it?

Answer It hurts like a 3 or 4 out of 10. It just feels like a little pinch on your gums, but it doesn't hurt so bad don't worry :)

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Does a dentist's needle hurt?

In the right hands, the dentist mirror hurts.

My gums hurt and i don't want to go to a dentist or get antibotics. anything i can use at home that will help?

im not trying to be rude. but theres nothing else than antibiotics. if you try to do anything at home it may get worse. my mom had the same problem. sometimes antibiotics will work or maybe they nu... Read More »

Can you sue an endodontist who damages a nerve through a needle stick and you are rendered numb in the jaw area?

Answer Professional negligence cases must be supported by expert testimony. You will need to find another professional in the same field to review your medical records to determine if negligence o... Read More »

Wasn't really numb at dentist?

How numb you get depends on how much Novocain reaches the nerves in whatever part of your mouth they're working on. Different people have nerves which branch at slightly places. If the injection ha... Read More »