Does it hurt to plug a radial tire?

Answer On One Hand: Plugging is cheapPlugging a radial tire often costs just a few dollars and provides a quick fix to a tire that has a puncture wound. You can find plugging kits at automotive stores and... Read More »

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Who invented the radial tire?

The radial tire was invented by the French company, Michelin. Although the tires were not widely used in the United Stated until the year 1975. Radial tires are used on all modern cars today.Sourc... Read More »

What is a radial tire?

Radial tires are those that use a particular style of inner-tire reinforcement. Radial tires are the standard tires made today and were first made commercially in the 1940s.BasicsA tire consists of... Read More »

How to Use a Tire Plug Kit?

Most automobile owners at some time or another will have to deal with a flat tire. How prepared you are for this occurrence will determine how much of a problem it is. One of the most common causes... Read More »

How Do I Plug a Leaking Tire?

Objects such as screws, nails and rocks can lodge themselves in a tire, causing air to leak. To plug a leak, you must locate the hole and dislodge the obstruction. A tire plug kit includes all the ... Read More »