Does it hurt to pierce your ears?

Answer You get what you pay for. you pay $5, you get a crappy job. My second piercing hurt more than the first and my cartilage piercing hurt more than both. The higher up on the ear you go, the more it's... Read More »

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How to Pierce Your Ears at Home?

There are ways to pierce your ears at home. Read this article to learn how.

Does it hurt to get your ears pierced?

A needle is way better then a gun. With needles everything is sterile and cleaned using an autoclave whereas piercing guns which are just wiped down and not properly cleaned. With unclean equipment... Read More »

Does getting your ears syringed hurt ?

Pretty much as the others have said, I only had one done and it affected my balance for a minute or two and in the first few seconds after it was done I swear I could hear the fly crawling down the... Read More »

Does getting your ears pierced hurt?

Yeah, but you won't really feel it for more than a split second, so it's no big deal!I'm assuming you're just talking about regular piercings, of course, not tragus or anything. That would be a dif... Read More »