Does it hurt to have your footranover?

Answer depends what you have on your feet and also whats running it over. normal car wearing a normal shoe, its going to hurt a bit but not seriously. not as much as getting a hot tea spoon put on your ne... Read More »

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Does your balls hurt when you have your laptop on your knee in bed?

ya It can causes so ....As the body needs to maintain a proper testicular "penus and balls" temperature for normal sperm production and development and as Portable computers in a laptop position p... Read More »

Does jogging while you have the flu help, hurt, or have no affect on your road to recovery?

If you're sick, DON'T JOG! I learned the hard way that you have to get rest when sick. I went to the gym and lifted weights and got sicker. My doctor chewed me out.If you must, go for a walk but do... Read More »

If you still have your hymen does it hurt to give birth if your pregnant?

I take it you got pregnant at a clinic then. The so called "hymen" doesn't actually exist; it's small folds of skin around the muscle and when having sex the first time one can burst with bleeding ... Read More »

If you have an ear infection, does your ear hurt all the time?

It doesn't necessarily hurt all the time. Sometimes it may just feel weird or 'different'. Look for other associated symptoms such as fever, drainage, trouble hearing, and so on.