Does it hurt to have stitches taken out...?

Answer I would call ahead and see who's working that day. "Janie" slapped me hard in the face after removing each stitch.

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Has anyone ever taken stitches out at home My daughter has 3 stitches and I want to take them out myself.?

Its easy. When the wound has healed up simply use a pair of small scissors and clip the stitches. Then you can easily remove them with tweezers. It should not hurt if the wound is healed properly. ... Read More »

I am FREAKING!!! This Wed I have to get my stitches taken out...?

It really doesn't hurt at all. The extent of what you should feel would be simply a tugging sensation on your skin. The cutting is external of your body, and the holes in your skin have already b... Read More »

Does it hurt when stitches are removed?

it´s relatively painlessthe process is this: The wound is cleaned with an antiseptic to remove encrusted blood and loosened scar tissue Sterile forceps are used to pick up the knot of each... Read More »

Have you ever been taken up the ramparts ..and did it hurt ..!!?

I was once, and yes it did.....even with cucumber and aloe vera moisturiser