Does it hurt to get braces removed ?

Answer OMG it hurts a lot to get them taken off. Be sure to take pain killers before you go. Someone else told me this so I took 4 regular strength tylenol before I went in, and it sort of hurt, but not a... Read More »

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Will it hurt if 2 of your baby teeth have to get removed and at the top.will the shot hurt?

Well, it's no fun. I can promise you that. I am extremely needle phobic. When I was younger, I had crowding and my dentist wanted to pull teeth to help the others come in straight, and I was scared... Read More »

For people with braces!Does it hurt getting braces?

Yes a little, 15-20 mins after you get them on you will probably experience mild to moderate soreness that will last a few days. Eating hard/solid foods is near impossible for the first couple days... Read More »

How much does it cost to get braces removed?

The cost of removing braces is figured in the total cost estimate for the orthodontia, which typically runs between $1,800 and $6,500 as of 2009. The cost of removing them separate from the initial... Read More »

How to Prepare for Getting Braces Removed?

No more braces!Getting braces removed won't make your mouth look better if your teeth are yellow and rotten. You'd wish you had braces again to hide that.