Does it hurt to get a filling?

Answer I just got one done not too long ago...same thing as you, I had a hole. They drilled off about a quarter of my tooth. I got 6 shots in my mouth over the course of the whole time. You can't feel ... Read More »

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Does getting a filling hurt?

not really. they first give you something to numb the pain in your mouth so you will not feel a thing as they drill and fill your teeth. what might bother you is the sound of the drill drilling a h... Read More »

Should you tooth still hurt after a filling?

it depends on how bad the filling was go to France a see a dentist called Hitler hes amazing

On a scale of 1-10 how bad does a filling hurt?

If a 10 is getting your leg blown off in a roadside bomb, then I would say a 0.5.

Why does my tooth hurt after filling?

If your dentist keeps ignoring your pain, I'd find a new one. Is it a composite filling (all white/natural tooth color)? If so, it's very common to have sensitivity to those fillings but what you'r... Read More »