Does it hurt to eat food like chips or pizza?

Answer No not really. It is unhealthy and bad for you so you might feel sluggish afterwards. And since you've never eaten them before it might make you feel kinda gross. if you haven't ate unhealthy all y... Read More »

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What is Best Pizza or Fish & Chips?

I cant decide, I love them both! It's mood dependent but both are awesome delicious!

Whats your favourite- Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips, Thai, Pizza, Mexican or Sushi!!?

Sushi and Chinese. They are the best!! I can eat them EVERYDAY without feeling sick of them. Yummmmmyyyy!!! Yesterday I had Chinese, today I'll have Chinese again, and tomorrow I'll make sushi! I h... Read More »

Whilst eating my fish and chips today, both of my teeth began to hurt. What might have caused this?

Did it give you a haddock?You should call an oral sturgeon.Oops, forgot. Insert "bloody" before each noun.

What are the differences between Italian pizza, Korean pizza, Taiwanese pizza and American pizza?

Pizza comes to the rest of the world from Naples, Italy.Italian pizza (Neoplitan Pizza) - The group, Associazione vera pizza napoletana, created a standard pizza so the true traditional Neoplitan ... Read More »