Does it hurt if you get shot in your head?

Answer the brain doesn't have pain receptors BUT the skull and scalp do. it would depend on what part of the head you got shot in. not all head shots are lethal. if you received a non-lethal head shot ... Read More »

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What would hurt less-Falling from a bridge, being hit by a train or being shot in the head-I NEED TO KNOW?

Shot in the head because you would feel no pain

Will it hurt if 2 of your baby teeth have to get removed and at the top.will the shot hurt?

Well, it's no fun. I can promise you that. I am extremely needle phobic. When I was younger, I had crowding and my dentist wanted to pull teeth to help the others come in straight, and I was scared... Read More »

Why does it hurt after a flu shot?

If your arm gets sore at the site of the injection, it is a normal side effect of the action of the immune system in response to the introduction of the virus in the vaccination. Your immune system... Read More »

Do you get a shot when you get an MRI If so, does it hurt?

Are you my clone? O_oI'm getting an MRI for my knees too and i am completely TERRIFIED of needles/shotslol, and I'm 15 too :pThe doctor's office gave my a phamphlet regarding the MRI and it says th... Read More »