Does it hurt girls only?

Answer No, it doesn't. However, you may suffer from cramps which tend to be quite uncomfortable.

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Does it hurt girls only!!?

8.5.. it really does hurt a lot. You should probably either fool around with each other a few times or mess around with yourself a few times before the first time. it will make it less painful.

Does sex hurt the girls?

It only hurts for the first time. Because their vigina is too small for the penis so it strectches.

Girls does it ever hurt to urinate?

you have a yeast or urinary tract infection

Why does my jaw and teeth hurt only at night causing me to lose sleep?

Maybe you grind your teeth at night while you sleep??? If thats the prob you can get a mouth gard to prevent them from grinding on each other...If anything you may need to see a Dentist so you wont... Read More »