Does it hurt getting tats Describe the pain..?

Answer it feels like the end of a safety pin poking you a hundred times a second. it hurts more in some places. it hurt me the worst on the inside of my forearm.

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How best can you describe labor pain Was it the worst pain in your life If not, what was?

it's going to friggin hurt like hell to start, but honest to god after it is over it's not so much of a big deal, you'll be advising other women on how to stay calm and try and 'enjoy' the experien... Read More »

People who have tattoos, and people who have tattoos on their fingers how bad do you think finger tats hurt?

4, it depends on how much work it needs. mine is where a ring would sit and it says hope and it stung a little bit but no where near as bad as other places i have done.

I have been in pain for so long, my legs and arms hurt so badly to the point the pain wakes me up.?

sound like as if your calcium may be a bit low try drinking milk and eating things like potatoes and bananas full of potassium

Idk if i have a toothache or if it is my gum that hurt. is there anything i can do to get rid of the pain?

You can use any OTC pain killer to relieve the pain or go to dentist and get checkup done and take the medications prescribed by him.Home Remedies for Toothache1. Clove oil is often used as an effe... Read More »