Does it hurt getting tats Describe the pain..?

Answer it feels like the end of a safety pin poking you a hundred times a second. it hurts more in some places. it hurt me the worst on the inside of my forearm.

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I have a low pain tolerance, will getting my belly button peirced hurt?

dang people are harsh! Look hun, it pinches it feels like a big pinch, you will be fine i promise you it's okay. You can trust me i've pierced my belly button, tongue, la brae, different parts of... Read More »

Does getting a tooth pulled and getting an implant done hurt?

They should use laughing gas. I was literally floating on a red cloud when they did mine. They woke me up later and my mouth felt like it had a red balloon in it. With most dental procedures the ac... Read More »

Does getting braces hurt I am getting them soon.?

Ok, I won't lie...It hurts a little when you get them on but it's like for a minute. Once you get them on, you'll be like "This isn't bad. Everyone said they hurt but not for me" But that statem... Read More »

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