Does it hurt donating blood?

Answer no, it doesnt really hurt. the feeling is a little weird.... but afterwards you are really light headed. It's kind of cool.

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Lets try this again, Why does my arm hurt after donating blood?

You should have put cold packs and/or pressure on the site right after giving blood. You can still put cold packs on to reduce the pain. Next time hold pressure on the site for at least 5 minutes... Read More »

Is there a reason why while donating blood,I felt excruciating pain and did not give the full amount of blood?

It could have been because you were dehydrated. You need to drink 3 full cups of water 30 minutes before a basic blood draw. If your donating your giving a lot more.. Try that and see if it helps.

Does blood type matter when donating white blood cells?

On One Hand: Standard GuidelinesDonated white blood cell products may contain small amounts of red blood cells. According to FDA guidelines, if a blood product contains more than 2 mL (milliliters)... Read More »

How long after donating blood does it take to get a blood donor card?

I donated a while back and it took a good three or four weeks. I guess it might depend on where you live too.