Does it help or hurt John Broughton's book to be on Wikipedia?

Answer I don't think it hurts, though it depends on what you mean by "hurt." The effect on sales will probably be minimal, since no one in their right mind would have bought such a book anyway, regardless... Read More »

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The centaur by john updike I need help understanding this book.?

The Centaur is a magical book that takes you on many twists and turns as the characters slowly develop. One must be warned that this book needs some prior knowledge in Greek mythology, of which I ... Read More »

I am reading this book called The Pearl by John Steinbeck Longman books can you help me with the 5 questions of chapter four?

These are the questions1:Why do the pearl fisher still go to the dealers even though they konw they are being cheated ny them?2:What do you think is the priest's real intention in the sermon that K... Read More »

What role does family play in the book the pearl by john Steinbeck?

The family role in this story is very important. The family lives in a miserable society with korruption. It is a little village by the sea with very big poverty. The houses are made by brush, and ... Read More »

Does the tdap vaccine hurt 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

It hurts btw..i was foolish to have it decades ago before i realised what was in poisonous shot in the upper arm courtery of big pHARMa. I'm never having any vaccine again and this i... Read More »