Does it heal?

Answer U can try to massage in vitamin E oil into the scar & use thermal therapy gloves to improve healing & assist absorbtion for better results.

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Does a forward helix piercing hurt and how long does it take to heal?

I had mine done about 10 months ago. The pain level was fairly low for me, less than my snug. This is going to sound strange, but the night after I got it done it hurt to smile. Although you don't ... Read More »

How does ringworm heal?

Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin that causes raised round or oval lesions, redness, discomfort and itching in the affected area. While anyone can get a ringworm infection, this fungus is ... Read More »

Why does sea salt heal you ?

Natural sea salt contains about 81 minerals that are essential to the human body. When using it in a solution (1/4tsp sea salt to 1 cup of boiled or bottled water) it aids in promoting healing, rel... Read More »

Why does my jaw not heal up completely?

best fix would be to bash him with a good 24 ounze framing hammer in his jaw....but remind him next time he acts like a immature punk- your gonna do something about it