Does it heal?

Answer U can try to massage in vitamin E oil into the scar & use thermal therapy gloves to improve healing & assist absorbtion for better results.

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How can i heal this cut!?

Your mouth heals the fastest out of your whole body so youll be okay in no time!You can try speed up the recovery by rinsing your mouth with salt water after eating and before sleeping! There may b... Read More »

How to Heal from IBS?

Although irritable bowel syndrome doesn't cause damage to the intestinal tract or increase the risk of cancer, the symptoms of irritable bowel can be bothersome and interfere with your daily routin... Read More »

Won't heal!!! help?

Firstly coming to your hurt,i highly advice you to visit a doctor.Do not play with your face,play a major role for 10+ and 60-.And coming to the bullying part i HIGHLY ADVICE you to ask your parent... Read More »

How to heal a cut toe?

Wash well with soap and water and dry then apply an antibiotic ointment and a band aid.That is the best you can do.Be sure to remove the band aid at night