Does it have anything negative ?

Answer ok for sleeping with .no prob there.

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If you suspend health insurance for 3 months while you are out of the country does it put anything negative in your insurance history and will you be able to get competitive rates when you return?

Answer What you need to do is see how much it will be for out of network providers in case you get hurt in another Country. Do you think that Country will pick up your medical tab if you get hurt... Read More »

Survey: Does your hair color have anything to do with the amount of fun you have/are?

Does hip hop music have a negative impact on youth?

On One Hand: Destroys PotentialAccording to Jeffrey Hicks of the National Leadership Network of Conservative African-Americans, hip hop music "serves to glorify formerly stigmatized characteristics... Read More »

When does hydrogen have a partial negative charge?

Hydrogen bonds that have occurred between two hydrogen atoms having opposite polarity will result in one hydrogen atom taking a partial negative charge. This is called a dihydrogen bond because two... Read More »