Does it do damage to the baby when you're 3 months pregnant and get hit or hurt?

Answer Answer That's a difficult question to answer 100 percent accurately. Generally speaking the unborn child is protected by amniotic fluid which protects the child from harm. However some women have b... Read More »

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Can taking vicoden at 8 and 9 months pregnant hurt the baby?

I have a disk herniation and took 10mg tablets of hydrocodone(vicodin) 3 times a day while I was pregnant. I spoke to a neonatal doctor at 7 months and he simply suggested cutting back and making s... Read More »

What does a baby look and do when you are 7 months pregnant?

They are completely normal looking, even having hair and eyebrows/eyelashes. Seven-month-old fetuses are sometimes not even considered premature, as they often have the ability to survive perfectly... Read More »

Is it possible to not know youre 3 months pregnant?

yes it is possible to know whether you're 3 months pregnant through symptoms such as that of: morning sickness; missed cycles; swelling of the abdomen; frequent urination; swelling and tenderness o... Read More »

Can exercising when you're pregnant hurt the baby?

On One Hand: Regular Exercise is Good for Active WomenFor those who were physically active before pregnancy, continuing the same exercise program is not generally a problem, and in fact, it is a gr... Read More »