Does it cost to put google adsense on my site?

Answer Adsense is advertisement program for publisher, it is free to join. The publisher need to display the advertisement on their website / blog, they will get paid if any visitor click on the advertise... Read More »

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Why my site disapproved google adsense ?

I tried it, its been taken down, someone broke the rules, no telling what people will write about, could be incense, that's bad, all kinds of stuff people will write, I don't if there's away to mon... Read More »

How to Place Google Adsense Ads on a Joomla Site?

This is a Joomla tutorial for people who know a bit about Joomla and web build/design.

Does google adsense work?

On One Hand: Success is PossibleGoogle Adsense was introduced in March 2003; since then, many website developers, blog owners and small businesses have benefited from the program by placing targete... Read More »

How much does google adsense pay approximately?

In terms of earning money on Adsense, your mileage varies. One website with the 10,000 uniques a day can earn $50 a month while another may earn $5,000. It is not easy to predict how much you will ... Read More »