Does it cost to have a youtube account?

Answer nope its free! :)best answer?

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It says I have to have an iTunes account to use Genious Does it cost to get an account?

You can create an itunes account free without entering your credit card details. follow these steps:

Does anyone know how long do I have to wait to close my YouTube account?

it means you cant close your account because youve only just created it, best thing is to create a new account then delete the other in a few days time

Does it cost you any to have a game center account?

How much does is it cost to have a brokerage account?

A Wells Fargo WellsTrade standard brokerage account has a monthly service fee of $25.00 and an annual maintenance fee of $50.00. Prime checking accounts (PMA) are free as long as the qualified bala... Read More »