Whats more cost effective buying a photo printer and printing pictures at home or taking them to a drug store?

Answer drug store developing

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How much does a locomotive cost More specifically a GE Evolution Series cost?

Roughly, 2 million dollars.……Toll free number for GE transportation: 1-877-249-8848 Read More »

Does Anyone Know How to Send Pictures to a T-Mobile Phone?

It's 1 plus areacode & phone number at example: :)

How to Make Your Close Friend Like You As More Than a Friend?

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How to Tell Your Guy Friend You Like Him More Than a Friend?

You're friends with him and then, oops, you fall for him. What do you do? Tell him? It's not rare at all. If a guy thinks you're attractive and he hasn't done anything, make your move first. It mak... Read More »