Does it cost money to play android apps games?

Answer Yeah only if you buy the paid version of the game, almost every game of android offers two different versions lite (free) & pro (Paid). It depends on you which one you download. In their paid versi... Read More »

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Can can Leader 7 Impression Tablet with Android 2.2 OS play android apps?

Yes, I've had mine for a week and it works great. It runs every android app except those that use Google voice. I've used it with several Android markets with on problem,

Does it cost money to run apps besides for buying the apps in the first place on the iPhone 3GS?

no, once the app is purchased ,to play it or run it doesn't cost money :) hope this helps,lex

Is there an android app for showing your mostly used apps or games?

Plug your Android device to the computer using your usb chord, then choose "disk drive" on your device. After that you just drag and drop the files you want to transfer to your SD card, also choosi... Read More »

Some games and apps don't work on my n9 with android system, does anyone know why?

Maybe it's because that thay your phone don't have enough room to run those games and apps. You can buy a SD card and move some apps and games to your SD card. You can manage your android with Free... Read More »