Does it cost me anything to get on YouTube...?

Answer Nope. BUT, indirectly, it does:Your internet service provider (ISP) gives you an AMOUNT of internet that you can use for FREE. This amount depends on how fast your internet is.The amount of intern... Read More »

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Does ESPN 360 cost anything?

Does the BBC iplayer cost anything?

Oh my god. YES. i was watching things on it and my internet bill was over 100 pounds. === For "Yes" read "No". What costs are the charges for downloading the files, NOT iPlayer. How much you spen... Read More »

Does limewire cost anything my friend said it does....?

i have limewire and it dosnt cost me a dime!

What is Facebook and does it cost anything to use ?

It's kinda like MySpace.It doesn't cost anything.And it does NOT give your computer viruses. I use it everyday. That girl just probably doesn't know how to protect her computer.AND you do NOT have ... Read More »