Does it bother you when people post everything they do on their facebook statuses?

Answer i hate it when they get on there and brag about how good their mate is and their life. Or the religious freaks constantly coming with bible verses. No one is happy 24/7 but they portray themselves ... Read More »

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What does kik mean in people's facebook statuses?

KIK is the new AIM..Its like aol instant messenger but for droids iphones and blackberris. Faster then texting

On facebook. Why do people keep posting statuses about...?

According to my friend, it's this game for girls on Facebook to raise breast cancer awareness.

Why do people even bother to vandalize Wikipedia or post biased information on it?

Because they get a rise out of changing/vandalizing something that other people will see, which creates a reaction. The major articles will have vanadalism removed within minutes, but smaller artic... Read More »

Can people still post on my facebook timeline?

If you have set privacy about not to post on my wall then people can't be able to post on your wall. When you having your birthday on your friend's profile a birthday reminder shows your name to wi... Read More »