Does it annoy you when you see people eat salads and.....?

Answer it doesn't annoy me that people eat that... it annoys me when restaurants serve this though... it's like they're trying to trick the people buying their food into thinking they're eating something ... Read More »

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Does it annoy you when people chew loud?

::mouth makes smacking noises while eating:: Mmm, chinese food!

Does it annoy you when people put LOL after everything they say?

Yes it bloody does, I HATE text speak: lol, lmao etc etc it bugs the hell out of me. What's wrong with putting hahaha, it's a far better representation of a laugh???

Does it annoy you when people think you're a terrible mother just because you didn't breastfeed for child?

I'm with you. I'm a huge advocate of breastfeeding, but at the same time, I understand that sometimes there may be an issue going on that makes nursing a bit more difficult and a mom has to bottle... Read More »

When you want to annoy people around you, what do you listen to?

Opeth, the early stuff. Turns out, people hate death metal when it's played at top volume. Hum.....EDIT: you're "special" :D