Does it annoy you when people put LOL after everything they say?

Answer Yes it bloody does, I HATE text speak: lol, lmao etc etc it bugs the hell out of me. What's wrong with putting hahaha, it's a far better representation of a laugh???

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Does it bother you when people post everything they do on their facebook statuses?

i hate it when they get on there and brag about how good their mate is and their life. Or the religious freaks constantly coming with bible verses. No one is happy 24/7 but they portray themselves ... Read More »

Doesn't it annoy you how some people believe EVERYTHING the media says?

YES YES YES!Star for you, Billie Jean!It happens ALL THE DAMN TIME. In school, Lady Gaga is a man, Michael Jackson is a paedophile who wants to be white. I asked these imbeciles if they would belie... Read More »

I really get irked when people say they listen to everything?

I know EXACTLY what you mean! People who say they listen to anything rarely listen to any "extreme" genres of music (Death Metal and it's varients, Black Metal and it's varients, Progressive Metal ... Read More »

Does it annoy you when you see people eat salads and.....?

it doesn't annoy me that people eat that... it annoys me when restaurants serve this though... it's like they're trying to trick the people buying their food into thinking they're eating something ... Read More »