Does it annoy you?

Answer Yes. I met a mother once who told me her daughter wanted to be a vegetarian, so she let her try it for awhile. She told me it ended when her daughter "got tired of eating fish". I just kind of s... Read More »

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Does it annoy you when...?

That's very annoying indeed. As an Elton John fan I have to hear that all the time, from people that think he's only about dead princesses and lion kings. So I must be a bored housewife that I list... Read More »

Why does your sister annoy you?

Does it annoy you when you see people eat salads and.....?

it doesn't annoy me that people eat that... it annoys me when restaurants serve this though... it's like they're trying to trick the people buying their food into thinking they're eating something ... Read More »

MJ fans: Does the name "Jacko" annoy you...?

Yes it does. Michael said he hated this name. Even if he didn't say it, I would hate this name cos it sounds stupid.