Does it aggravate you when people can't use google?

Answer It depends on how stupid their question is :)I usually direct them here

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Why do people get so rude when driving Cant we all just get along?

People don't generally wannna be pricks.Frustrated, angry and edgy inside and the only release for them is being aggressive whilst driving , if you notice peoples aggressive reactions are usually s... Read More »

Why cant i understand the people when i phone a call center?

>>can u talk indian ?? if not thats prob y >Why pay someone here a decent wage when they can ship the work overseas and pay pennies on the dollar to someone who has no idea how to fix your problem

When will people realise 'Google' is not a verb?

Does tea or coffee aggravate eczema?

On One Hand: Yes, Coffee and Tea Can Aggravate EczemaSome people with eczema might be unknowingly allergic to coffee, which can worsen their symptoms. Experts advise those with eczema to try cuttin... Read More »