Does it affect you if you get pregnant at an early age?

Answer Yes. It can affect your health because you will not be fully grown yourself, therefore it will put more of a strain on you and the baby

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Does smking affect pregnant women?

no when one is pregnant one should avoid taking medicines

How does perms affect the mother and baby while pregnant?

AnswerPerms are fine. There is no evidence to suggest it harms the baby. I was bleaching my hair and everything when i was pregnant and she turned out fine.NO IT'S NOT FINE! Your hormones are chang... Read More »

I am 32 weeks pregnant and you are 1 centimer and 80 ephased what does this mean Am you going to give birth early?

Answer No this does not mean that you are going to give birth early many women walk around dialated up to 3 centimeters and effaced in there first pregnancy without giving birth until there due da... Read More »

If your on the birth control pill and start bleeding lightly two weeks early does that mean you might be pregnant?

The following will cause bleeding when on birth control:* Break-through bleeding* Withdrawal bleeding* Pregnancy* UTI* Morning after pill* Recently stopping/starting BCP* Missed a pill(s)