Does it affect the close date to fill out a mortgage application in person?

Answer The closing date of a mortgage can range from three to six weeks after a borrower makes an application. Filling out a mortgage application in person can speed up the closing date of the mortgage by... Read More »

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If you or someone close to you has been affected by cancer, how did it affect you in the workplace?

I was at work the day I found out that my wonderful Mum had Lung Cancer and if it hadn't have been for the support of my colleagues I think I would have passed out there and then.The wonderful Dent... Read More »

What date does bcm nightclub close?

If a car has only storage insurance on it and someone else drives it can the person who has the insurance policy be held responsible and will it affect that person's insurance?

Answer I'm assuming that "someone else" had an accident while driving this un-insured car, and that person should be held responsibility. However, if they have no assets, responsibility will fall o... Read More »

Netflix won't accept a debit card too close to the exparation date?

Your card company does not wait until it expires to send you a new one. It usually comes at least 2 to 3 weeks prior and can be activated immediately.~You can use PayPal.