Does issuing bonds at a premium assure a favorable impact on cash flow&income?

Answer On One Hand: Premium Bonds Raise More Capital Initially.Issuing bonds at a premium is a way to maximize the amount of capital received upfront, and has a positive effect on cash flow and net income... Read More »

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The Disadvantages of Issuing Bonds?

Corporations raise capital by issuing stocks or bonds and selling them to investors. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the capital needs, financial position and market cond... Read More »

Steps Involved in Issuing Corporate Bonds?

Public and private corporations may sell bonds to investors issued as debt securities. Corporations can use the money raised from these bonds to build new factories, grow the business or purchase n... Read More »

Advantages & Disadvantages of Issuing Bonds Instead of Capital Stock?

Selling stock is a great way to raise capital. A stock represents a small piece of a company. If the firm does well, stockholders get dividends. If the firm does poorly, the stock falls in value. B... Read More »

Do you know of any condo associations that have raised money through issuing bonds or similar financial instruments?

It's unclear why a condominium association would take this route, given their income source called assessments and special assessments and the willingness of banks to loan monies to them. If the as... Read More »