Does insurance owe for 3rd party diminution of value?

Answer it depends on the diminshed value laws of the state where the loss occurred.

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If you only have liability insurance and you cause an accident does your insurance cover fixing the other party's vehicle?

Answer Here in Canada we have NO-Fault where each insurer is responsible for their own insured. In that case, the other party's carrier would repair the vehicle, and then subrogate on your company.

What is third party insurance?

Third party insurance refers to liability coverage that a purchaser (referred to as the first party) purchases from an insurer, or the second party, as a means of protecting himself from any claims... Read More »

What does third party car insurance cover?

Third party liability insurance covers damage done to other cars in the accident or to the other person or persons involved. Damage done to your car, if the accident is your fault, is not covered... Read More »

What Does a Third Party Administration Insurance Do?

Employers contract with third party administrations, often referred to as TPAs, to handle many of their human resources and insurance-related administrative functions. TPAs are independent companie... Read More »