Does insurance cover theft of electronics from a vehicle?

Answer Answer Factory installed Yes in most cases, after market you would need to check the policy. But remember if you have a dedutable you pay X amount first and the insurace pays the rest!

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Does auto insurance cover items stolen from your vehicle?

When looking over a potential auto insurance policy, check to see whether it covers loss from theft. This type of coverage is not an industry standard, but you may find a way to get it included.Fac... Read More »

Will GAP insurance cover the full amount of a vehicle if the insurance coverage on a vehicle has lapsed and it is totaled?

GAP NO.  GAP covers the GAP left (if any) of what someone owes and the current market value of the vehicle should the loan balance exceed market value.  In other words, you owe $16,000 on a vehic... Read More »

Does home insurance cover theft?

Different home insurance companies offer different coverage, but generally home insurance does cover theft. Policies will range in prices depending on what type of home you have and how much your d... Read More »

Does car insurance typically cover theft?

Comprehensive auto insurance policies usually cover theft, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These policies may or may not pay for the cost of a rental car while victims of auto the... Read More »