Does insurance cover a wreck if your license is suspended?

Answer Insurance and Suspended Licenses Yes, If you auto insurance policy was active and in force at the time of your accident then they will cover the losses to the extent and limits of your policy cover... Read More »

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If your license is suspended and you get in a wreck does insurance cover anything?

%REPLIES% Answer Probably not. If you don't have a license, get a ride, have someone drive for you, or walk. Answer It depends. Every Insurance company is different. Some will pay the damages beca... Read More »

If your license is suspended and your mother buys a new car but does not have a license what is the best way to get insurance on the car?

The best way to get Insurance on the car is to first go Get a Valid Drivers License. Driving on a supended license is illegal. Driving with no license is also illegal. Trying to obtain Auto insuran... Read More »

Does the insurance provider automatically drop your coverage if your license is suspended?

Answer Yes, they do. Me and my boyfriend is on a account together and his license got suspended an they wrote me letter telling me that I had a couple of days to reinstate them and show proof of it.

Does GAP Insurance cover uninsured vehicles in a wreck?

%REPLIES% Answer How can you have GAP insurance on an uninsured car? You have to have a basic policy to add this. Answer actually the terms of my GAP insurance stipulate coverage of a total loss e... Read More »