Does insulbrick contain asbestos?

Answer Some types of insulbrick, a popular form of siding used throughout the middle of the 20th century that created the illusion that a house was made of brick, are made out of asbestos.Source:Preservat... Read More »

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Does Artex contain asbestos?

Manufacturers of Artex used asbestos in the product in the mid-1980s, according to Portsmouth City Council. Most Artex produced after that time does not contain asbestos, although some companies ma... Read More »

Does drywall contain asbestos?

Current drywall in the United States does not contain asbestos. However, this has not always been so. Usage of asbestos in American drywall and other building materials was banned in 1978.Source:Do... Read More »

Does all vermiculite contain asbestos?

Most vermiculite products today don't contain asbestos. Because the vermiculite contaminated with asbestos came from a Libby, Montana mine which closed in 1990, newer products shouldn't contain sig... Read More »

Does linoleum contain asbestos?

To "have a chip on your shoulder" means to remain angry about something that happened in the past. The expression originated in 19th century America, when a young man who was seeking a fight would ... Read More »