Does ink affect how well a printer prints?

Answer On One Hand: Reasons for Poor Print QualityThere are several reasons a printer can have poor quality and one of them is the amount of ink in the cartridge. The printer's output quality is also affe... Read More »

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What is a good, fast, laser printer that prints great pictures as well as documents?

I have a Brother HL-4040CN and I LOVE it!! It prints pictures wayyyyy better than my old HP.

Returned a broken printer. Does that printer retain my 'pending' prints?

You're OK. Your "pending Prints" are retained in your computers Print Spooler and shouldnt be available to the printers memory. If its a relatively cheap consumer printer with internal hard drive ... Read More »

Is it posible that one printer prints less pages than another printer (different model) w/ the same cartridge?

Yes, cartridge capacity is not exact plus some printers are stingier than others yet the shading is hard to tell just eyeing it.

Does diabetes affect one's ability to drive well?

In 1 answer ,yes, If you have a "hypo" you can collapse and go into a coma and possible die. Now it does work the other way to, if you are to "hyper" you can get "light headed" and dizzy, best carr... Read More »