Does inflammation of the kidneys cause back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Organs Can Cause Back PainPain originating from organs--or intra-abdominal disorders such as kidney diseases, pelvic infections, appendicitis, aneurysms and ovarian disorders--can caus... Read More »

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If you have back pain when you drink would that have something to do with your kidneys?

Answer Very possible, your kidneys and/or liver.The kidneys and liver are the main organs for eliminating toxins from the body.When you drink alcohol it causes both of these organs to work "overtim... Read More »

Does pain in your lower right back quadrant mean that your liver and kidneys are diseased?

you should only stop drinking if you start peeing blood and turning jaundiced. then and only then is it appropriate to cut back on the booze.

Can unusual dull lower back pain that feels like its in your kidneys be an early sign of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, it can be. Many women experience period like cramping (also in their backs) around the time that their period is due. Take a pregnancy test (the earliest ones you can take are 5-7 days... Read More »

Chest pain because of possible inflammation?

No, its not true....most anti inflammatories work on the same principle and have more or less the same effect.