Does inflammation cause magnesium deficiency?

Answer On One Hand: Magnesium DeficiencyMagnesium plays an important role in the inflammatory process of our body. The epidemiologists at John Hopkins University state that, magnesium acts like an anti-in... Read More »

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Will taking too much magnesium cause a zinc deficiency?

On One Hand: No Deficiency does not list a possible zinc deficiency as a side effect or symptom of overdose when taking any of the three most commonly used form of magnesium: magn... Read More »

Does inflammation of the kidneys cause back pain?

On One Hand: Organs Can Cause Back PainPain originating from organs--or intra-abdominal disorders such as kidney diseases, pelvic infections, appendicitis, aneurysms and ovarian disorders--can caus... Read More »

Who is susceptible to magnesium deficiency?

About 60 percent of Americans might be deficient in magnesium---a trace mineral needed for 300 different metabolic processes---according to Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., and Nancy Bruning, authors of "Th... Read More »

Does a hysterectomy cause estrogen deficiency?

On One Hand: Not If Ovaries RemainThere are several types of hysterectomy surgery. Doctors can remove the uterus through the abdomen or the vagina. They can remove the uterus alone or also take the... Read More »