Does infinity blade need internet connection on ipod touch?

Answer no

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Can you play Infinity Blade on a 3G iPod Touch 8GB?

No. There is no 3rd generation iPod Touch 8GB. The second generation iPod Touch 8GB was sold along side the 3rd generation iPod Tough 16GB and 32GB. --- No, you cannot play Infinity Blade on a 3G... Read More »

Can you get a wifi/internet connection specifically for your iPod touch?

If there are no wifi connections in your area then no. Mobile Internet cant be connected to your ipod so you are stuck looking for available hotspots.

Is there a way to connect my Ipod touch to my dads iPhone 3g so i can get the internet on the ipod touch?

No there is not, iPod touches can not use 3G. Only wifi. Also you cant get a cable to connect them anyway.

How to Set Up a Wi-Fi Connection for an iPod Touch?

Connecting to a wireless connection with your iPod Touch is a fairly straightforward process that should not take longer than a few minutes to complete successfully. The iPod Touch is a mobile devi... Read More »